Lifted to a New Place



A love letter from Jesus. 




 As you ride the winds of change, I will turn your dreams into a present reality. Your troubles and sorrows will not last. Resist running back to the familiar. It’s time to move on forget what was. I am doing something new!


When you feel weak and completely worn out, just lean into My everlasting arms. Like the wind lifting the wing of a paraglider, I will lift you up and be the resting canopy over your head. You will ascend into the windward slopes effortlessly.


My gift of grace is all that you need, My power works best through your weakness. Reserve your energy and let me take your cares away. If you trust Me, you will not be disappointed.


Relax, I am holding you. Releasing the pressure to Me will make you rise faster. Hold tightly to what you hope for, as you catch the rising currents to stay lifted high.


Trust that I will be your rescue. After all, you can trust the One who made the agreement with you. When dangers cast threats, I will take care of you. Before you know it, you will be lifted over every problem, making lazy circles in the sky


It will be good for you! Hold onto hope and focus on getting good news. Comfort yourself by thinking that what you hope for will happen and you will be kept safe.


I will not in any way fail you, give up on you, or leave you without support. I will not leave you helpless or forsake you. Now, this is what I promise, you can trust Me to answer your prayers. Everything is possible now.




Written by Dannette Lynn