Hidden Miracle

A love letter from Jesus. 



For this moment, I have already planned ahead. Don’t worry about the bump in the road, I am faithful to show you where to go. Have no grief by the difficulties that you face. Even though you have been surrounded by troubles, I am with you to keep you safe. I have protected you completely, so do not be afraid of anyone or anything.



There is wealth hidden deep within you. You are insuperable and incapable of being overcome. You will move past every problem, with the certain hope of seeing My goodness manifested. Nothing is too hard for Me, so laugh out loud at your troubles, for My joy of victory is your strength. Nothing is impossible! The riches of My love will far surpass anything that you have ever known.




Use your faith to draw up the wells of water within and it will become a gushing fountain springing up. Expand into the hidden depths, by tapping into your imagination. Activate the miraculous by connecting to your vision and see yourself with your answered prayer request. Step into the fullness of faith by utilizing your senses.




I will exceed your highest hopes and bring them into reality! I will not fail to satisfy your expectations. Remain empowered by confident faith and you will see what you have been hoping for become tangible. Even in the midst of  trouble you will continue to experience blessings upon blessings.



Never underestimate My desire to grant your petitions. I can do all things and no thought of purpose that I have can be restrained or withheld. What you are seeking is closer than you think, in the hidden wells of My provision. Everything you pray for with the fullness of faith you will receive. Ask for what you want and be prepared to quickly get it!




Written by Dannette Lynn


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