Comfort from Suffering

A love letter from Jesus. 


I will care for you always. Even in the seeming unending shadows of darkness, you will not be overcome by fear. Without comfort and completely worn out, from the surging depths, you cried out, “I am drowning!”. As a tumult of waves crashing over you, you were under attack from every angle. There were nagging oppositions on the outside, and dreadful fears within. But I am He, who comforts the downcast, to bring you comfort and blessings from out of the mourning. Only through suffering do you truly meet Me as your Comforter.




Restless heart, do not be afraid. I am with you in the dark moments. Though you have suffered being tossed and beaten by storms, you will forget the time of distress. I am here to comfort you and give you cheer, as I show you My loving concern. I am easing your troubles and removing any reason for despair. Drift away to sleep in My dwelling and rest in My protective care. Spend the night in My Shadow as you settle into My promises. I will be your Refuge, trust Me to keep you safe. I have spread out provisions for you, even in the midst of attack. You will have all that you need, as I continue to fill you over and over again.




In the darkness of night, I am with you to keep you company, soothing you with songs of My good plans. The radiance of My light thrives in the dephs of darkness and blazes through the bottommost trenches. Even the hairs on your head are counted, so don’t be afraid. I knew that you would be here one day, so I have already planned ahead. My undying love reached into the future to prepare this time to turn out good. I have already orchastrated everything to unravel in perfection and beauty.




The comfort of My arms are wrapped around you, to fend off all harm. Trust Me to deliver you and My tranquil peace will guard your soul with assurance. Fear nothing–you’ll stand untouched. Yes, because I am your Refuge and your very home. Despite every disturbing emotion, concentrate on your hopes. Give Me all of your concerns and worries, and I will watchfully take care of them. Capture every negative thought and emotion and do not think of it again. Never have a worry, only pray and reach your thoughts towards a good outcome.




I want you to know the delight that is before you. If you abide in Me and My voice abides in you, anything you ask will come to pass for you. Settle your soul into My words and settle completely into My love. No more will you be troubled or oppressed. You will know no more fear and have no worries. I will always answer your prayers! Since you can have what you pray for, that makes those prayers a promise. When you pray, trust and be confident that it will happen and you will get what you have requested.




Never underestimate what I will do. Take comfort in knowing that you are the apple of My eye. Turn your fears around into a proclamation of faith. Fear is the oposite of what I have planned. Speak to the giant mountian of oposition, “God bless it!” and it will become nothing more than a passage to blessings. Imagine that your problems are gone and step into your blessings. Believe for a good outcome with hopeful anticipation. What you say will take place, it will be done! This is the proof of faith–that you will receive what you hope for.






Written by Dannette Lynn


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