You are Safe in My Hand




A love letter from the Father. 



Today, things are different. You are moving into the best days ever. Don’t revel in the past over the pain that you have suffered or spend your time recounting the disappointments when things didn’t go as you planned. Be backed by the full faith that something good is coming. Watch closely, I am doing something new. Yesterday is behind you and nothing that happened then is happening now. Wonderful surprises are emerging, even as I speak. I have prepared a way through the desert and glistening water to flow where there had been none.



I am doing the impossible in your life, so make sure there is no unbelief hiding within you. Root your expectations in My love for you. As a giant funnel pouring liquids into containers, My word is flowing to provide you with a prosperous life. As you recline into Me with trust, you become like a tree, planted by flowing, cool streams of water that never run dry. With luscious fruit and leaves that never fade from the heat, you are resistant to times of drought.




Wherever I take you, I will also pay for. No matter what you do, you will prosper. Be at peace, because you are predestined for victory. Expect all that you need to show up as you think bigger about who you are to Me. Fully supported by My power from above, you are covered with a never-ending supply. My blessings follow you and await you at every turn. My word is your source of happiness and I promise that you will have more.




Hold onto your hope until the end, as you trust Me to cover every detail in your life. I have searched all that is in your heart and I know you intricately. I am all around you, behind and before, holding you safe in My hand. You would be amazed at how well I know you, it is more than you can understand. I have given you blessings from the secrets of your heart. Not because of anything that you have done, but because of the purpose of My love.



I planted the promised seed, I am faithful to send the provision that you need. Create space to see your promises. Stretch your thoughts to believe as you focus on the intimate things that I have spoken. The resources are already here, trust the invisible. The promises are sure and stable, always unfailing. Enlarge your expectations because you are going to expand. You will increase in every direction to be filled beyond every anticipation. There is plenty for you and plenty to give away.




Decide that My promise is more real than any trouble. I am with you, cling to Me and relax into a calming rest. Reach with your faith to grasp the beauty of My design, and you trust Me enough to go all in. You will see that there was nothing to fear or dread. As an enclosed garden, protected by My love, each day you will flourish with the manifestations of My love. Rest in your promises and lay your heart in My hands. I am holding you safe in My Hand.




Written by Dannette


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