You Will Rise Out of Suffering

A love letter from Jesus.



Hope is like a star, often the brightest in the times of suffering. The intense pressure of a star, causes more light to shine out. As the star crushes itself inward, massive amounts of energy are released out. The pain of what you have endured has been tremendous, but the night has brought out the emerging hope of convinced confidence in My goodness. 



Trust My promises, wait for Me, and to look eagerly expectation. Stay strong in hope, stretching your mind to expect for it to happen. Don’t give up, because your faith will be rewarded. I will do super-abundantly more than you can think, hope or imagine.



 In the moment when you have no more strength to believe, just rest where you are and wait for Me in quiet confidence. Resist the thoughts of doubt and you will rise up revitalized with joy and peace to trust again. Security comes from what you believe. Have only positive expectations and you will not be disappointed. 




Remain carefree as you trust Me to manifest everything that you have hoped for. Dwell securely in My promises and you will have continuous experiences of My personal and endless love. Believe that you have already received what you ask for and you will have it. 



Suddenly everything will happen quickly and you will be happy that you never gave up. I will thoroughly exceed your expectations. So rejoice in your hope and look forward with confidence. You will rise out of the suffering, being filled with energizing power and overwhelming hope to receive the manifestation and enjoyment of your anticipations.





Written by Dannette Lynn


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