It Will Be Alright

A love letter from the Father.



It will be alright. Take a deep inhale and fill your lungs with air. Now exhale as you relax and remember the vow I made to you Release the tension that you are holding and let your shoulders dropdown. Concentrate on My promises to you, as you exhale out the worry and let go of the tension from your chest. I will give you what you have prayed for, so don’t worry.



I will show up again, just as I have promised. I am watching to see that My words find fulfillment. I have everything already planned out, with plans to take care of you and not abandon you. Don’t be worried about what you fear because the blessings I have reserved for you today are many.



I have given you a promise of blessing and I cannot take it back. I will never say something and not act. Look here, there is no misfortune in My plan, and magic has no power against you. You will continue to be filled with blessings until you have overflowed with an abundance running over. You will always have complete sufficiency in every circumstance. Open your mouth with a mighty decree; I will now fulfill it.



You have had your share of shame and trouble, now you will experience a double share of blessing and honor. Be filled with exuberant hope. Now you will see the wonders that I do. This time you are rising up from what has been opposing you. All of the gifts and benefits that I have are yours! I am causing every favor and earthly blessing to come swiftly to you.




Written by Dannette Lynn



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