As Winter Turns to Spring

A love letter from Jesus. 



The barren winter is turning to spring. Good things are going to happen. Do not listen to the fears that insist otherwise, nor fear the anguish of disappointment. Believe that I will suddenly make streams in the desert, as you change the environment with positive thinking.



I know your current conditions and I have already prepared to help you. Long before this moment, I determined to stand with you. I have prepared for each day and have perfectly timed it. Everything is coming together for good, allow My peace to come and settle you. I will displace every worry to show you My goodness.




What you fear is only a lie. The promise that I have given you is unchanging. When you are afraid, hide in My faithfulness. Just relax and do not worry but be thankful for the good that I have promised. What I have vowed to do for you has been long established ahead of time.



Stay confident with trust. Never follow a negative thought and you will see for yourself the truth of the good. Your life becomes what you constantly think about, so think about your promises and blessings and not the problems from a dishonest curse.



Cling to what you hope for, as you trust and wait for what I have promised. My love will always find a way. There is nothing in this universe that can diminish the power of My love. Even in the midst of impossible circumstances, you will see My promises become tangible.



I will never give up on you and nothing that I have promised to do for you will ever be taken. There are no opposing factors that can penetrate beyond My love. I am loyal in My commitment to you with an unwavering attachment of devotion. I know you far better than you know yourself.



Inhale confidence as you decree that good things are going to happen. I certainly will not withhold from you anything else that I have to give. You can be sure that I will take care of everything you need. My love will always reach you and supply your needs. My generosity far-exceeds any problem that you have.




So now you can live with freedom and confidence to know that there is absolutely nothing that has the power to separate you from the provisions of My love. You are not going back to the barren life cycle, but you will see streams pouring into the desert. Have no doubt, I promise to bless you over and over!





Written by Dannette Lynn

Thank you so much!