Everything Has Turned in Your Favor

A love letter from Jesus. 




Get up now, favored one. We are leaving this place of unresolved requests. You will be comforted to see your hopes manifest. Your expectations will not end in unfulfillment. Believe in your prayers as you trust in My goodness with all of your heart. Focus on the good that is coming and see yourself there already. 




Don’t let your heart be troubled, you will not be disappointed this time. Navigate towards this new beginning, as you steer away from the past things that happened. The past humiliations are over and gone. The disappointments of before have bowed to the ground. Instead of the former shame, there is vindication and honor.




The long-suffering of your patience is being rewarded. You are moving into the answers to your prayers. Long awaited longings are ready for you. The honor of your testimony will be a dream come true. You are now in a new place! Celebrate with expectation, because everything has been turned in your favor.





Written by Dannette Lynn


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