Everything is in My Hand

A love letter from Jesus. 



Calm your heart and listen to Me. I have shown you what will come so that you can relax and trust that I am taking care of it. I will fight your battles and give you a chance to regain your strength. So don’t be afraid. I am here, with you. I will make the troubled waters smooth and set things right.



Do not be struck with fear or seized with alarm by the difficulties that you face. You are very precious to Me, even the hairs on your head, I have counted. I have reached into the farthest corners of the earth to lift you up and protect you. I have chosen you and I will not throw you away. Wherever you go, I am with you.



Even if a violent northeaster came rushing in, and you were caught and driven by the wind. I would be there with you, to lead and help you as your Safe Harbor. Rest in My Spirit, as I keep you safe from danger and fear. Those who sought to do you wrong will be embarrassed and confused. I promise to save you from your enemies by the power of My hand.



Don’t even worry, I have this under control. Soon the opposing wind will no longer blow in. Whenever you feel stress, pour out a prayerful whisper. Lay your troubles down at My feet and don’t be worried about anything. Cast all of your cares to Me and be relieved from the weight. As you trust Me with confidence, you will feel peace instead of pressure.



I won’t leave you to suffer, I will respond. I have ordained you with favor, blessings, and freedom from fears. Stop being afraid, but have confidence. These things will turn out exactly as I have said. You will find joy and take pride in My wonderful plan. After all, I am the One, who has hold of your right hand, and whispers in your ear, “Don’t be afraid. I will help you.”




Written by Dannette Lynn