The Truth Behind It All




It was many years before going through this place that I am in now, that I received legal documents from the Lord in a dream. It was a snow-covered park, where I quietly sat with the Lord. As we sat together, He gave me these very formal documents that were signed in His name.




These documents were a legally binding promise that He would take care of me and be my support. In this empty and barren land, He showed me that even in the driest financial conditions, that God would provide for me. After I was given those documents, Jesus told me that this would be called, “The Dannette Song”. This was the intentional love song that He wrote for me.




At the time that this happened, I had everything that I needed. I had a house, a car, a husband, etc. But after a little time, everything that I thought that I owned slipped away. I became a single mom, with only these documents of promise that Jesus gave to me. To the world, I looked poor. Yet in reality, I had more wealth in this promise that I could have gotten from anywhere. 




I knew that this was not unheard of for God to do because He did it for Abraham too. Abraham was promised a son and that his descendants would be more than the stars of the sky. Then the Lord placed Abraham in a deep sleep and showed him the sign of His commitment with the smoking pot above his head with a sacrifice.




It was some time after that experience that God tested Abraham’s faith by asking him to lay his promised son on the altar and to sacrifice him there. The thing is, that God made Abraham a promised oath, that his promised son would bring a long line of descendants. In my heart, I believe that Abraham knew that if God were to take away that boy, it would be breaking a promise. In Genesis 15:6, we can see that Abraham believed in this dream promise.



“Abram believed the Lord, and the Lord was pleased with him”



For me and my girls, the Lord brought us into a place of impossible conditions to manifest the power of His promise. For over 2 years, the Lord has held us up and provided for us to stay in a hotel room with the only income being the blessings that He sends through this blog. I truly believe that God chose the hotel situation for us because it made the conditions even more impossible.




In time to come, I believe that God will open up the floodgates into this ministry with the provision that will harvest abundant blessings back in return. Some of these plans He has shown me and it is so much bigger than I can even take in yet.




There have been situations during this time of our life that reveal the miraculous power of God to provide when it was simply impossible by any other explanation. Since God cannot lie, when He makes us a promise, all of hell can break loose against us and yet we will not fail. The love of God will never fail. Jesus will never fail to be our Ever-Present Help in times of need.




What fascinates me the most about this whole story is that God called it the “Dannette Song”. I remember going through terrible abuse in a relationship and I was weeping in the shower. I was so desperate to believe that God was real and that He noticed me. I started to sing a song to Him as a prayer, asking Him if He could hear My voice, even though so many voices were crying out to Him. I needed to know if He even noticed me, out of the trillions of people on this earth.




A few months later, I was asleep in a dream again. Then, I heard the voice of the Father audibly. He lifted me up in the spirit and He began speaking to me about His future plans. His voice went into depths of my being that I cannot even describe. He had such an amazing and unconditional love. I knew He was very powerful and yet very tender. At that moment, I spoke to the Father, in the voice of a little child. I knew that there was nothing that I could do or say that would ever make him stop loving me or be upset. That love was unlike anything that I have ever known.




And yet, I sit here frantic about how we will cover the next reservation or how I will buy clothes for my children. As I look back, I wonder how I could ever doubt. I feel like the girl with no memory from the Adam Sandler movie “50 First Dates”, when every morning the man puts all of his effort in reminding her of his love. He never stopped showing her how much he loves her, even though he knew that she would forget again tomorrow.




So many times He has reached down to touch my heart with this love song. For over 2 years, He has held me and my children in mid-air with miracle provision, one day after the next. When God gives us a promise, it is more real than any circumstance that you will ever go through.




His promises are more valuable than any amount of earthly money. Hold onto to those promises my friends, and don’t you ever let go. Because God will do exactly as He has said. Even if everything is falling apart all around you, the Loving-Kindness of God will never fail to do everything that He has promised.





So God has given us

two unchanging things:

His promise and His oath.

These prove that it is

impossible for God to lie.

As a result, we who come

to God for refuge might

be encouraged to seize that

hope that is set before us.

Hebrews 6:18




Much love and blessings!