A Creative Prayer

A love letter from the Father. 



“Because of what you have gone through, I have given you a gift of creative prayer. Whatever you stretch your faith to believe, I promise with an oath to give to you. Come to Me first with an open heart and I will direct your thoughts. Partner your faith with My heart and I will give power to your creative prayers. Be sure and confident that I am fully able and generous to perform this promise.





Nothing is impossible for you.





I have given you a good land! An inheritance flowing with fountains and springs that pour into the desert valleys. Do not worry when the rains come or the days are hot. Even if you go through the deepest darkness, the provisions of My love will never stop. You will always have your needs filled with plenty from My wealth. I will bring miracle water out of the thirsty ground, to confirm this promise.





There is always hope!






I will keep you in perfect and constant peace as you lean into Me with confident trust. My promise to give you peace of mind will never end. Do not allow your mind to dwell on the difficulties that attempt to disturb your peace. When you worry there is uncertainty because the focus is on fears. Those fears are dishonest. Concentrate your thoughts on a good outcome. 





Hope for the promise and be expecting.





  I will answer you and show you that I can be trusted. So commit your heart to Me with complete confidence. Be filled with gladness and your words full of joy as you rest in your hopes. Therefore, go in and possess whatever you can believe with your creative prayers. According to your faith and reliance on My power, it will be done”.






Written by Dannette Lynn