Hidden in a Dream



There were more treasures of darkness that I encountered while tracking through the experience of desert desperation. Continuing with His love story for me and my girls, God was still showing me that there was provision hidden for us in plain sight.





Only this time it was a little bit different. I went into this wonderful dream and in the dream, I kept finding random amounts of money. I found a penny on a sidewalk, a penny hidden next to some leaves on the ground, and different amounts of cash in various rooms of a home. In my dream, each time that I found a treasure, I would pick it up. I awoke from the dream with a sense of childlike wonder and expectation, ready to see the impartations of this dream materialize to help in our time of need.





I have always held a sense of wonder with God to believe that there were no limits to how or where He could release blessings. I started to declare ownership of that money that I found in my dream and thank the Father for these dream blessings. My hope was to cover the cost of our room for a few days and to be able to buy some food for our room as well. It was the next day that the money from my dream manifested. The amount that God sent was exactly the amount that I had prayed for.





Then another morning, I assumed that we were only covered for the one night and I ended up going back to sleep because I was still very sleepy. Right before I woke up, I saw the word “Hotel”. I knew that was a message from God that I needed to go to the hotel lobby to manage our room. I was worried that maybe our night was not covered and I started to pray that we would not be kicked out.





In my heart, I had been hoping and praying that God would give us a few nights covered because I needed a break of relief. Much like exercising, my faith muscles needed some rest. So I went directly to the hotel service desk and the manager asked for my room keys. Not yet understanding what was happening, I handed him my keys. Then he said, “Okay your all set, we will see you back on Friday”. Instead of only being covered for one night, God gave us the unexpected blessing of being covered for 5 nights. I was beyond delighted!





Once again, God answered in detail the very specific things that I had been praying for and the answers to my prayers were released through dream impartations. It reminded me of Jacob who rested his head on a stone. When he was in a deep sleep, he saw a ladder to Heaven. Angels were ascending and descending between Earth and Heaven. I like to believe with fascination that there are always angels bringing those things that we will trust God for. So many times God will use His kids to deliver those blessings from His heart.





During the night, God gave him a dream.

He saw a ladder set up on the earth,

and its top reached to the heavens.

He saw some messengers of God

ascending and descending on it.

At the very top stood the Eternal One”.

Genesis 28:12-13





I believe that it takes childlike faith to receive the treasures hidden in dreams. Dreams are a perfect place to receive hidden provisions. Whenever I dream that I am collecting something, I always wake up expecting to see it manifest at some point. 





My friends, I pray that there would be a release of dream blessings for you, like a fountain flowing from Heaven. May the Lord grant you answers to your prayers through the outlet of dreams that are hidden in plain sight. May your heart be open with childlike trust and wonder to receive everything that God wants to give you through these encounters. I thank the Father in advance for every precious gift, in Jesus name, Amen. 





With love,




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“Know I am with you,

and I will watch over

you no matter where you go.

One day I will bring you back to this land.

I will not leave you until I have done

all I have promised you”

Genesis 28:15