Hidden in Hope



I did not realize that my desert story was not over. During this week, the Lord kept showing me that the provision that we needed would be hidden in plain sight. He sent me more signs about the mysterious well of water that appeared to Hagar, just when survival seemed hopeless.




There were several obstacles that came against us this week that made it seem impossible to be able to go on any further. On Thursday, I started to pack up our things and accept defeat. I let go of my hope. I was tired of holding on and I felt like I could not handle living by this kind of faith again.



In the natural, it looked completely impossible for us to keep our room. Apart from everything that God had said about this specific time, I had accepted disappointment and started to look into making other plans. Like Eeyore from ‘Winnie the Pooh’, I was hopelessly drifting into negative thinking.





I walked to the laundromat to wash our clothes since I did not know where we would end up and I wanted to be ready for the worst. As I was walking, I started to feel confused about everything. The Lord started to show me that I had lost my way because I had wandered away from His promises that He gave me. Then, Holy Spirit started to show me, that a miracle would come once again when everything looked hopeless.





He began showing me signs and told me to look up with hope again to be able to stay. I was inspired to begin using my hopes as the focus of my prayers. So I started to pray to God to do what I hoped for, using hope as a conduit of prayer. I asked God to make things easy for me and that my miracle would come smoothly and that I would not have to go through the horrible desperation like last time. If I can be real with you, I was ready for a break.




One thing that I really hoped for was not to have to wait until the last minute to see a miracle, as before. I was so thankful for that miracle. Yet, to be honest, it was really hard to go through. To my delight, God did exactly as I requested. My miracle was hidden in hopes. Just as I had hoped, He made things easy for me this time. Before I even had time to worry, the money was delivered to cover the cost of our room for the night.





The relief that this miracle brought was very refreshing! I still wanted a break and I was hoping a miracle to come easy again to cover the next day. So I pressed into praying through my hopes some more and prayed exactly what I was hoping for. I asked the Lord to send money that same evening so that I could have relief before the morning even came.





To my excitement, God answered my prayers of hope again. A financial blessing came through within an hour of praying. The provision that He promised was hidden in hope. With nothing else in my pocket but My promise, I am hoping still for more miracles to get me through this. However, after seeing God manifest miracles through hopes, it has inspired me to keep hoping even when things look hopeless. 





There is something incredible that happens when you choose to have hope when everything is hopeless. Like Abraham, who against all hope, believed. There are miracles hidden in hope. Like a well of water suddenly appearing in the desert, there are treasures of promise hidden for you in plain sight. Just when everything looks hopeless, a miracle will appear. Never doubt what God can do with a hopeless situation. Against all hope, keep your hopes up!






With love,



To send a blessing:






Against all odds, when it looked hopeless,

Abraham believed the promise and expected God to fulfill it.

He took God at his word, and as a result,

he became the father of many nations…

Romans 4:18 TPT