Someone to Take Care of Me

A love letter from Jesus. 



“Weariness from the hardships became too much. The severe sufferings of being low were beyond what you could bear. In the chaotic distress for your needs, the pain was overwhelming and the sorrow was devastating. You came to the end of yourself and with your last breath of strength, you crumbled to the ground and wept.




Now, quiet your soul by the words that I speak. One by one, unload the heavy problems at My feet. As a Husband, I am giving you the rest of a happy home free from difficulty. Give Me everything that troubles you and I will watch over you and take care of all that you need.




My dear, do not worry about tomorrow, for the problems for tomorrow are already taken care of. I know where you are headed and everything will turn out good. Notice the lilies in the field, they never are worn down with work. In a meadow of peace, they are always adorned with love. How much more will I take care of you as My treasured bride! 




At the place of your needs, you will see My saving love manifest, as My power flows through your weakness. My grace is enough to cover and keep you. I will relieve your stress and give you joy. Keep your mind only on what I speak and do not look to the right or the left, at those problems around you.





My peace will flood you with joy as you trust Me to take care of you. Whatever you ask Me to do for you, will be done. Don’t be afraid or discouraged, you will not be disappointed. My vow to take care of you is infinite and undying. I will always be kind and merciful to you. I love to see you smile and answer your requests.





Every mountain of affliction will soon disappear all at once, as I nourish you with My comforting love. Be joyful in what you hope to happen and rest as you wait for Me to do it. There is nothing that I would not do to show you the personal expressions of My devotion”.





Written by Dannette Lynn

Dannette Garza

2885 Sanford Ave SW


Grandville, MI