Moving into Better

A love letter from the Father



Remember how I helped you before? I am still helping you and I will help you again. Those worries are for nothing. I have never given you over to dread and I will not begin. My promises to you will never change.



It can be easy to lose your way when the clouds are low and the sky is grey. Although it feels like everything is against you, do not be afraid. The storm was used to draw out the bigger blessings, as your deep need called forth a deep release. Have confidence in what you are hoping for. I am orchestrating everything to turn out for your good.  



From the distant past, My Eternal Love reached into your future to prepare ahead. I notice everything in your life and with My powerful arms, I am protecting you on every side. I am the Lord who encourages you and keeps you safe. I am always on your side as a loyal Friend.




Place everything in My hands and have peace as you trust Me to solve every problem. My love will never fail you. There are no troubles or hardships that can ever separate you from My love. I will protect you and provide for you, no matter what the circumstance. I am making things better! Be expecting to see the good news. 



Forget your worries and smile because you are moving into better. Where there was a struggle before, there is now an upgrade. I am making things easier for you with a raised lifestyle and enhanced luxuries. The hills and valleys are filling with the decadence of blooming promise. Hope with eager anticipation, there is another happy ending in store for you. 




Written by Dannette Lynn