Alone in the Desert



I had come out of a dream encounter with the Lord a few days ago. Just before waking, He was telling me that my faith would be going through more testing. On that same day, God started to send me “faith signs” of His coming provision. Some of the signs were the usual things that He would show me (pennies, sparrows, particular numbers, etc).



But this time there were some new signs that led me to a special story of hidden provision. The story was when Hagar was alone in the desert with no way to survive and God met her in her moment of desperation. She had come to the end of her rope and had no way to supply nourishment for her child and she had no one that she could run to for help. When Hagar was at a point of anguish and ready to give up hope, the Lord had revealed Himself to her as The Living Well, the One who sees her.



For the past few days, my life felt like it was mimicking that lonely woman in the desert. Even though God was showing me that He would provide, I could see nothing and I had nowhere to turn for help. It felt like I was in a desert and all of the provision that I was used to had run dry. It was the night before when we had to check out of the hotel and I was fighting to hold onto faith and trust God not to leave me.



All night long, I prayed in desperation, imagining that Jesus was right there with me, holding me back. I felt like the helpless mother, alone in the desert with nowhere to turn. The night had come and gone and still, I had no way to pay for the room for us to rest our heads. Time kept moving, and I just kept praying and looking for God to show up. I kept telling myself that God would not fail to keep the promise that He made us, even though it seemed like there was nothing around besides the emptiness of desert sand.



It was 30 minutes before check out and I sat there quietly praying. Out of nowhere, my phone alerted me of a notification that revealed that our room had been paid to cover a couple more nights. I did not see it coming and it was completely unexpected.



Just after that, I looked at my bank account balance and it was down to zero. It dawned on me that I was going to need a way to feed my family that day as well. Right as I started to pray, a donation came in that was just enough to cover a single meal. Even though we should have never made it, God still remained faithful to His words to provide for our family through this faith story.



Through this encounter, I was able to experience that God was my source when survival was impossible and all hope was lost. When it seems like we are all alone in the world, we are not. He is there with compassion. He is there, always seeing and knowing every need and desire. Even if the whole earth were to slip into the ocean or if there were no way to get our needs met, His love will never fail to support and provide everything that we will trust Him for. Often He asks us to believe first and then see what we were hoping for as we walk by faith.



I know that My help comes from the Lord. I am also so thankful for the kind-hearted people that He has used to help reveal to my children and myself the truly intentional and provisional love of our Heavenly Father, as we walk out our faith in His promises. Thank you for your love and support.











To help our story:



Then she called the name of the Lord who spoke to her,

“You are God Who Sees”; for she said,

“Have I not even here in the wilderness

remained alive after seeing Him

who sees me with understanding and compassion?” 

Well of the Living One Who Sees Me

 ~ Genesis 16:13