Expect for the Best Outcome

A love letter from Jesus. 



“You will forget all of these troubles. They will pass beneath your memory like a drop of water. So do not grieve over what you fear. My joy is your protection from the intimidations of dread. Worrying does not do any good. I know what you need already. Recline into My presence and let Me take off the heavy burden of stress. I give you rest as your Ultimate Source. Remain hopeful and confident as you rest in promise.



It matters what you are thinking about. If you will focus your intentions in My direction and open your hands and reach towards the promises that I have given, I will give you rest in joy and peace in the midst of your faith. Rest in My love and you will always have more than enough. Love is made perfect and fear dispels, as you understand that your life in this world is the same as Mine is in Heaven. Then you will lift up your face holding your head high, secure, and free of fear.



Go back to your promises and expect for a miracle. Do not lose your fearless confidence, for it has a great reward. Stay in peace as you focus on My promises and all that you need will be provided for. Be joyful because you already have it in My Kingdom. Concentrate on your promises and be ready to watch them manifest, on earth as they are in Heaven. Once again, you’ll trust in the presence of Hope and life will become brighter. Believe that I am going to do something good and expect for the best to outcome”.





Written by Dannette Lynn