I Have Seen Your Misery

A love letter from Jesus. 




“I have seen your misery and I understand the devastation of getting no results. You have had so much distress in the place where faith was fought. I have heard your voice and the lamentations of your crying out, so fear not. Lift up your eyes from your grief and you will see that the Well of the Living One watches over you to relieve the depression. Lift up your heart with confidence to trust Me once again.




Take your last thread of hope and launch out into deep believing again. Delve into the great depths, giving your whole heart to anticipate seeing the answer to your request. Drop your anchor securely and hold firm to your hopes. In the place of deep faith is where you will find the biggest catch. I will make a way even though you cannot see it yet.




Expect a miracle! Get your hopes back up and don’t give up just yet. I am standing at the door of your hopes ready to open it. Keep on expecting and it will be given. Keep on knocking and the door will open. What you have been praying for has been granted, prepare to receive extra for your turmoil. The expectation will be filled and your nets will expand to breaking. 




Come now, take My hand. I have plans that are great. You will be awestruck and amazed. I will give you hoarded treasures of the deep to make for you an honorable name. I will fully satisfy the needs you have and abundant wealth will be revealed. What you are hoping for is not far away, soon you will see it.




Now just start expecting. Be cheerful with celebration. Fasten your thoughts to believe that you are already receiving. No longer will you skim the shallow places of provision but you will encounter the abundance of the deep multiplied blessings”.





Written by Dannette Lynn