Your Father Will Help You

A love letter from the Father. 




“Don’t get lost in despair by the appearance of your problems. Think and live like you already have the answers to your prayers. Receive it first in your mind and then expect for the manifestation to arrive. There’s no need to worry. I am your Source of everything. I am your closest companion at all times, ready to move at your request. Give Me all of your trust and rest in your request.




Like a Bird protecting His young, I have covered you in My feathers and protected you under My great Wings. Take refuge in My promises as My presence over-shadows you. Don’t be afraid of anything. For I will rescue you from the snares set by your enemies to entrap you and from deadly plagues. No harm will come near you. It is under the Wings of the Almighty God that you have found refuge.



Your Father will help you.




Don’t be afraid of not meeting your needs. Sing a song to yourself to remember the promises that I have given. Stay right here with Me and rest in the words that I have said. The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. Fear travels through thoughts. Think and speak about what you want to see happen and not the bad things going on. Overcome the bad by concentrating on good. 




Changing what you think about will change your situation. What you focus on will determine what you get. Block off the negative words and cast down every curse. Sow positive words and thoughts of faith and I will bless you with a bigger harvest than what you expect. Choose between a flower or a weed; a positive or a negative outcome.




Fill in the valleys of need with faith-filled decrees. Smooth out the ruts, clear out the rocks by only entertaining positive thoughts. Stretch high above the mountains of problems and raise your voice with good news. Whatever you can believe, can be yours! I will do just as you said if you believe and do not doubt. According to your faith and reliance on Me, it will be done.




Although problems may come in like a tempest wind and fears as a rushing flood. My promise to take care of you and give you peace will never change, nor will My kindness ever depart. Rest in My help as you as remain at peace from fighting this battle. Remain calm, I am your Security. Enter into restful tranquility in the absence of worry and tension as you trust in My help. 




What you have been praying for is about to arrive. Something good is going to happen. Believe for it now and expect a sudden change. Always be ready to see the manifestation of your hopes. I will do so much more than what can you ever ask for. Don’t underestimate the things that I will do or the things that I am capable of. I will send help in an abundance and you will keep getting more! I will take care of all that you need and My generosity will far exceed your confidence”. 




Written by Dannette Lynn


Dannette Garza

2885 Sanford Ave SW


Grandville, MI