Out of the Battle


A love letter from Jesus. 


I am pulling you out of the battle. Your circumstances are going to change to give you ease. You will enjoy the comforts of relief. recovery and rest. I can take every trouble from here, it is time to lay your worries down. Don’t be afraid of anything, I am here to comfort you. I will never leave and I am always by your side. So don’t be worried about what may or may not happen tomorrow. Cast the weight of your worries and concerns to Me and I will take care of everything.


What you are afraid of is not coming. Immediately cast down any dreadful thought and trust in My faithfulness. Those thoughts are not in accordance with what I have promised. I will never take you to a place that I have not first prepared and thoroughly provided for. I have issued you guaranteed relief from every problem. I do wonderful things that confound, infinite numbers of miracles. The poor have hope, and injustice shuts her mouth. I lift up high those who are lowly and those who mourn are raised to safety.


What you focus on will determine your strength. Don’t give fear any attention. The thoughts of fear are an empty vapor that will vanish with the wind. When fear arises with dreadful doubt, close your eyes from looking at the problem and melt into My Heart. Turn away from the battle and take My hand.


Remain secure in believing for good and rest underneath My Shadow. The battle is in your mind. I have you fully surrounded by the certain outcome of My goodness. I will completely protect you with My faithfulness as a shielding wall. I frustrate the devices of the crafty so that their hands achieve no success. You will only rest as a spectator to see the repayment of the wicked.


Sorrow is not a natural attribute for you, nor should you worry about trouble on the ground. Rejoice in what you hope for! Be thankful for what I have already done and begin to celebrate now for the good things to come. Hope in Me as your great confidence and you will rise up lightweight and free over every problem.


Like wings unclipped, you getting set free from your present struggles. I will give you extra comfort as I remove the weight, making you light as a feather. My goodness and love will chase you down every day. So do not fear the future or imagine bad things to come. Rest in My laughter, knowing that I will cause every fear to be the opposite as an exceedingly good outcome. 




Written by Dannette Lynn