Help of Good News

A love letter from Jesus. 



“When you are weighed down with dread and your hope is hanging by a thread, don’t worry about anything. Do not fret or be anxious, but talk to Me and let Me hear your requests. I am always standing watch over you to rescue you from anything that makes you afraid. I will cause you to be radiant with joy with no shadow of disappointment to darken your face.



I’ve got you! I am sending good news. When life throws you into a pit, it’s time to mine for Diamonds. Turn your challenges into opportunities and rise above with positive thinking. Problems are a place for promises to fully come out. Arise from fearful trembling, my dearest and come away with Me to see this situation from above. Don’t you see, the flowers of Promise unfolding?  I will protect and rescue you from your troubles so that you can taste and see My goodness.



Put your trust in Me and you will be blessed and comforted. Do not fret about anything, but laugh out loud with thanksgiving. I can do anything, far more than you can even dream! Enlarge your faith in Me, and don’t underestimate My intentional love. You are going to increase now with more than you are needing. I will liberally fill and supply you with an abundance. Contest your circumstances with My promises and you will receive faith to obtain the materials that you need.



And no one will successfully trouble you or condemn you with unkind words or verbal afflictions. No instrument directed against you will be allowed to hurt you. Have no worries, for there is none to shame or prosecute you. The grace of My favor is multiplied to you for your personal good. My Divine power has been bestowed upon you for glory and excellence. You are the recipient of My precious and exceedingly great promises.


The time for fulfillment is completed, so trust and rely on My good news to show up. Find rest in your soul by thinking about only good things to come. Fear is only an illusion, so fix your mind on the promises that I have given and every good and praiseworthy imagination. Let your heart be happy and revived because I am taking care all that you need out of My extravagant supply. I will open up My indulgent riches for you to explore so that you can experience for yourself My great and abundant goodness”.





Written by Dannette Lynn

Dannette Garza

2885 Sanford Ave SW


Grandville, MI