What You Have Been Aching For Will Come


A love letter from Jesus. 



“With the flower, there is long awaited beauty, often following the pain of growth. Blooming can hurt sometimes. The tender green plant releases chemicals signaling cries of distress. The flower groans when her leaves are cut as she is carefully pruned to bear more fruit. Her shoots capture light and she grows new leaves and everything begins to change for good. The best blooms come after the dry winter season so don’t quit in response to the pain. There is always hope. Each positive thought today creates the blossoming satisfaction of tomorrow. Clusters of flowers will suddenly bloom together, filling the canopy with the results of the unseen.




My word is a seed that blossoms within to give you the joy of your hope. Your roots grow deep, spreading out to the water’s edge, as the dew rests on your branches. My goodness and unfailing love will pursue you every day, no matter what situations you face. I have surrounded you on every side, there is nothing to worry about. My hand is gently on your shoulder as a loving support.  I am the Giver of all things, eagerly looking for every opportunity to bestow you with My blessings.




Stay here and rest in the protection of My Arms and I will be your unlimited source forever. I am all that you need. Relax into My love and do not follow after a doubting thought. Remain rested in My words. You do not support the root, but the root supports you. Do not be afraid, because of what you are going through. I am always close beside you as your Rescue. I give you rest in the green meadows of plenty as I fill your cup with blessings.




 My promises of light are pulling apart the darkness that you have been walking through. Even when you are afraid that you will suffer from the gloom, remember that even the darkness is light to My eyes. My words will manifest to save you from your troubles. My right Hand will embrace you, for I am always there.




What is your request? It shall be done!  You can decree a thing and it will be established for you. The light of My favor will shine on all of your ways. Speak boldly and do not waver with undivided loyalty. Keep your faith rested upon My power and not the fears of what could come. I will fill you with plenty from My generosity as everything brilliantly comes together. If you abide in Me and My words abide in you, ask whatever you desire, and it shall be done. Worry no more My precious one. What you have been aching for will come.”.




Written by Dannette Lynn