Don’t Let Your Heart Be Troubled

A love letter from Jesus 



Do not let your heart be troubled. Let nothing make you afraid as I comfort you on every side. Trust more and worry less. I will never give up on you. I am with you in the rise and release of your sighs and mingled between your thoughts. Before you even prayed, an answer was sent out. I have made your troubles into the solid ground of My promises for you to expand and stretch out. The blessings of My love are all around you, preparing to come out.  


Have confidence that what you hope for will happen. I will catch you when you are feeling weightless to save yourself. Rest in the sanctuary of My Protecting Arms. From the broken places that you have traveled,  I am gathering your prayers to answer them and show you, My compassionate Heart. I am still holding your hand, I have been all along.


I am collecting the shattered places of your devastation and soaking up your teardrops with My restorative Heart. Time will be returned backward, like unwinding the wheels from a clock. I will restore your soul with pleasure as I manifest the answers to your prayers in exchange for the anguish that you have endured. My Faithful love will never leave you and the promise of My rest will remain…whether in plenty or in drought.  The increase is coming, so enlarge your Hopes to explode into thankfulness.


Restless and storm-tossed with troubles, I will lift you from the dirt. I make the barren woman a homemaker and a joyful mother of children. You will live in a peaceful dwelling place, in a secure home of undisturbed rest. Everything is about to turn around for you to behold the blessings that I have spoken about. I will bring an end to all of your troubles, believe that it is happening. Watch now as comes.



You’ve been knocked down long enough, in the deep-cold water of relentless afflictions. Don’t let your heart be troubled, it’s time to be revived and comforted. The pain of what you went through is over. You will forget the humiliating days. It will be as if your suffering never happened. I am giving you more than what you asked for, so much more than you expect. The blessings of My love are spilling over and spreading out in every direction to satisfy the cries of your heart.





Written by Dannette Lynn