A Prayer Meets a Butterfly

A love letter from the Father



This is a special meeting between a butterfly moment of change and the endurance of your hope coming through. The longsuffering of your hope brought up a manifested approval. I have remembered your prayer and I will fulfill the petition that you have made. Move on and don’t worry about this anymore, it’s time to take the pressure off. You are favored in My sight. I will make this happen as you asked me to.


There’s more to come. Be ready at all times for a radical change. Nothing is impossible for you. I will make you comfortable by providing what you are needing. You are coming into a beautiful change. Take a look and watch what happens! You will be shocked and amazed at the perfection of My work. Your life will take such a dramatic and noticeable change that you won’t even be able to take it all in. For in your days I am beautifying you with more than expected. 


 I will comfort you by imparting cheer of tangible hopes. My answer is ‘Yes’. I am satisfying your necessities and desires so that you are renewed and refreshed with bubbling laughter. My grace and prosperity have been released to give you freedom from fears and pressing agitations. What you have asked Me for will come back to you as answered prayers and multiplied in fullness.


Now take your posture of resting in the outcome. This treasure that you have prayed for has indeed been granted. I felt your personal touch as you drew near Me with hope in faith, knowing that I would bless you. Because you believed and relied on Me, your faith can find rest in the fulfillment of your request.



I can and will do awesome and immeasurable things that go beyond your greatest imagination. As you were reaching to Me with your hope, My favor and goodwill were reaching back to you with the power of fulfillment. 




Written by Dannette Lynn Ward