Relief from Affliction

A love letter from Jesus. 



“I am giving you relief from what has been afflicting you. Every pain and loss is now a double blessing. Joy is coming out of the anguish and My love has spilled out to answer your cries for help. 




Be full of joy now~




 I can hardly contain My laughter. You will now know the enjoyment of having plenty in every circumstance, instead of the pain of emptiness. I lift the poor from the dust and the needy from the ash heap. You will be astonished as you behold the multifaceted wonders of My intentional love.





It’s time for your surprise!




Don’t worry about suffering more disappointment—look up at My promises and not down. I am doing something that you couldn’t even believe it all if I told you. Fill your mind with the beauty of My words and not the thoughts of former hurt. I am here to comfort you and cheer you up. I am relieving your troubles and worries as I dry away your tears.





My justice will not end~





The fragrance of My love has filled the air and the pain from your troubles have returned as a double blessing of relief. The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I have made you a life to enjoy to the full, overflowing abundantly. For, I the Lord, love justice, I hate robbery and wrongdoing.




Meet your comforter.





I always have the last word. Relax into My love and forget what was. I know the loss was extreme and the disappointment great. Instead of your former shame, there are double blessings from My love. Although you were deeply afflicted with weeping, now double will be your comfort of relief”.





Written by Dannette Lynn

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