Soaring on Optimism


A love letter from Jesus. 




Soar on the possibilities of optimistic faith. When you are optimistic, you believe in the best things, even if they are not likely to happen. Like an eagle, who plans his way before a flight, you must believe that you have received your prayer and you will have it. In order to see your hopes come true, you have to believe that they can.


It is not the wings that cause the eagle to soar effortlessly in the sky. It is the position of the wings that gives the eagle height. The eagle uses the adversity of the winds and the pressure of the heat to rise above the negative conditions. When the dark clouds roll in, an eagle gets excited. An eagle flies into the storm with anticipation, knowing that the opposition will only take him higher. There is nothing that can separate you from My love and that makes you unconquerable in any circumstance. 


Use My promises to you to rise above the negative things that could happen. To soar is to rest, being Held by My love. My love never stops loving and My giving will never run out. Remain in My love and do not doubt My love for you. Don’t be afraid, only believe that your hopes are coming true. Ask and it will be given to you and the door of what you are seeking will be opened up. When you are confident, you are certain that something will happen as you expect. Stay in a place of confidence, believing that what you hope for is soon coming. 


I love you. My love never stops loving. My loving provision will never go low or run out. You have the guarantee of My love to hold you up and the consent of My Promises. If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer. Keep your attention consistently on what I have promised you, without looking down at a negative imagination. Then you will have the trusting relief to know that your request has been granted and your joy will overflow when you see that what you feared was nothing.


Expect and look for Me to show up as you have asked. Keep your hopes full of optimism and you will soar on the substance of what you are seeking. You will rise with no effort at all to see the desires of your heart. Keep believing in hope against all hope. I will satisfy your longings and necessities with My goodness and you will soar on the fulfillment of your hope-filled thoughts. 




Scribed by Dannette Lynn