You Will Not Cry Anymore

A love letter from Jesus. 




“You will not cry anymore. I hear the sound of your weeping and I will answer you with grace. Although you have had to walk through a painful affliction, I am restoring you to freedom from restraint. See now, I am going to set things right. In multiplication, you will be blessed with more. Your eyes are beginning to see the promise of your dreams coming to life.




No more worries. I am always here with you to help. Return to inner peace as you trust Me. Rest from your anxieties. You will find new strength when you quiet your heart with confident trust. We will go forward together and I will give you instant success. As your great Teacher, I will reveal myself to you as My words come to pass.




In your newfound freedom, you will experience the power to move without the past hindrance. With light-hearted joy, you will dance forward toward the dreams rising into fulfillment. Stories that I told you long ago, you will finally see with your eyes. I am Someone that you can trust. You are happy, secure and favored because you believed in My words, even without seeing it first.




I am wiping away your tears and lifting off the pain from what you endured. Although your beginning was difficult, your end will greatly increase as you receive the desires of your heart. Because of what you have had to suffer, I will make your days even brighter with My goodness…as if one day had seven full days of sun! I will fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with joyful shouts. You will not cry anymore from this ongoing affliction, because I am here to answer your prayer for help”.




Written by Dannette Lynn

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