I Will Comfort You Once Again

A love letter from Jesus. 



“Why are you unsettled with trouble in your soul? And why are you restless and disturbed within? I never take My eyes off of you. He who keeps you will never drift off to sleep. I am holding you firmly in place. Keep hope alive and the praise of your testimony will grow exponentially. You are blessed to see your dreams when you make Me your hope and confidence. I will raise you up from traveling low to give you dignity and greatly increase your status. Once again, I will be your comfort and you will witness My merciful blessings.




Fear not, there is nothing to fear, for I am with you, joined and connected as One. What you fear happening is untrue. I am for you, there is nothing to worry about. Do not follow after a negative thought, but immediately cast it down. Look up to what you are hoping for and soar high above the appearance of every problem. There is nothing to ever limit you and there is nothing that can stop My provisional love.




Faith is the certain reality of what you are hoping for; it is the evidence of what you cannot see yet. Hope is your confident assurance, an anchor that cannot slip. Your hope is a safe and steadfast place to keep your mind, that cannot break down under external pressure. Press into your hopes to believe that everything will be as you have prayed about. I will most certainly be gracious to you and will not leave you disappointed. At the sound of your request, I will hear your words and I will answer your request.




Relax with great joy and peace as you believe Me to do it. Then your hope will abound and overflow with confidence in My promises. Don’t look at the vast size of your problems and deficiencies. Instead, look up to Me to help you in times of trouble. Every problem is insignificant next to Me. I am Majestic, with great size and impressiveness. The Creator of all things will send the help that you need and give you Shelter. You can count on Me to shield you from the disgrace of disappointment and to rescue you from trouble.




Don’t focus on all of the possible things that could go wrong. Rejoice in your hope, it will definitely come! Wait expectantly for Me to materialize your dreams, for you will again sing praises of My comforting Love. You will see My goodness and the rescue of My help. The place of your problem will be the place for your hopes to show up. Anchor your thoughts in hope once again. I will surely bless you and comfort you once again!”.





Written by Dannette Lynn

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