Tap into Favor

A love letter from Jesus.

Look at how far I have taken you. I have come through before and I will do it again. Quit fearing the worst, especially since you have been through this same experience before. Leave all of your fears at My feet and My measureless grace will come and lift you up.

Confidently trust and rely on Me as you rest in My power. For although the ground may seem as dry as a sun-scorched desert with needs that stretch like mountains beyond your vision, My provisional love, and everlasting kindness will never draw away from you. I will continue to care for you out of the depths of My Loving-Compassion, regardless of any circumstance.

Speak My promises into your circumstance and bring the provisional flow out of the rock of resistance. Is not My word like a hammer that breaks apart the most stubborn of all difficult rocks? For I will pour plentiful streams of My provision over the ravenous places and floods will fill up the dry ground, as My blessings rise into an abundance.

The problems that you see will soon be replaced by grass willows springing up joyful and vibrant. I will open new streams of blessings. I shall open and no one shall shut. A sudden provision will overflow beyond what once seemed normal. A rising will come gushing out of the troublesome rocks to quench all of your needs. Plentiful streams of provisional love will pour out of your problems to supply in an excess, coming when you need it

Prophecy and tap into favor as you speak boldly with confidence and without fear. Speak to the rock of resistance to release your promised provision. My Glory will shine for you to see and arrive in overwhelming amounts and quantities. Anticipate with confidence to the fulfillment of your faith-filled words, in excitement, wait eagerly for something to happen.”

Written by Dannette Lynn

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