Remain with Expectation

A love letter from the Father




“You have overcome the furnace of refining and you have been well acquainted with traveling low. Because of what you have suffered through, I promise to fill you to the full and surprise you with the best. Doors that you have been hoping for will suddenly open without a fight. I have gone ahead of you to smooth out the way and lower the heights. Remain in a place of expectation as you wait for Me to do it.



Expectation comes from the word, expectationem, meaning “an awaiting.” When you have an expectation, you are eagerly waiting for good things. Let your thoughts linger with the delight of seeing good things coming. Trust Me with all of your heart, when you are feeling uneasy. I am giving you secret treasures and wealth that I have tucked away in unaware places.



I am going to show up for you with a wonderful rescue, to cause My face shine upon you and save you in My lovingkindness. Always lift up your thoughts to Me, as you expect for good things. Because you have offered your trust to Me, you will not be humiliated. Your enemies will not celebrate to see their hopes succeed, rather I will honor your hopes and crown you with My favor.



Keep your hopes full of confident expectation in Me. Anticipate with confidence as you remain still and quiet your heart until it happens. Do not worry, everything will be better than you expect. Nothing that you have feared will come to pass. Don’t look down at what could go wrong, but look up to all of the wonderful things that will happen. Use your faith, beloved and draw it out.



Since before time began no one has ever imagined and no ear has heard of the unimaginable goodness that I give to those who are willing to wait for what I said. How great is My goodness! Soon you will know. I have stored up many treasures for your diligently seeking heart. I will reward your faith and your willingness to trust. Be strong, dear one, in the midst of the fear and affliction. All who wait for and confidently expect in the Lord will experience marvelous favor and superabundant rewards. Suddenly your prayers will be answered….even before you expect it”.




Written by Dannette Lynn

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