No Rain No Rainbows

A love letter from Jesus. 



“I have seen your afflictions and taken note of your life’s distresses. I recognize the sadness of your troubles and feel the deep pains of your soul. The problems that have come like raindrops are being used for making the rainbows. Even when the rain falls, the Sun is still shining. When the light of My Promises illuminates through the raindrops, the light is broken to shine the radiance of My promises through. Rainbows are forming through your problems, like the sun that shines through the water.




Sometimes you have had to go through things that you did not like. I am taking you into a place to settle into Divine fulfillment. This path is a journey that leads you to what I promised long ago. My promises are your security, setting you in a broad and spacious land. Never be afraid–ever. I am your soul resting place, shielding you from shame. I am your personal protector to remain with you wherever you go. Keep My words in front of you, even when the rains are falling. My words to you will not fail and the rains will surely stop.





This is the beginning of a brand new day!





Entrust yourself completely into My hands. Remain rooted with full trust and confidence in Me to rescue you. My promises to you, given in exchange for your trust, are legally binding for you to expect and claim the performance. Remain lightweight and worry-free as you depend on Me to fulfill it. I am faithful to give you the desires of your heart and cause all of your plans to succeed. For every disappointing pain, there will come an immediate double blessing of good. Wait expectantly to see Me turn things around, as your Hope and Inheritance. 




Bind yourself to My words and raise your expectations. In a moment everything will change as the sun comes shining through. I am gracious and compassionate to relieve you from your troubles. Be expecting Me to manifest what I promised, despite what you see. Enlarge your willingness to believe and I will fill you with tangible colors of promise. As not one person sees a rainbow the same, My promises are uniquely reflected back to you to match the longings of your heart. Miracles are shining through the raindrops, even if you cannot yet see it. Raise your expectations…nothing is impossible. Sudden rainbows are coming!”.  




Written by Dannette Lynn


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