Unexpected Blessings

A love letter from Jesus. 



You have gone through so much, as your faith was stretched and pulled into place. Everything has been set in the order of My perfection. Lift up your head with confidence! Resist allowing the fear of having nothing dominate you. I will continue to refill you every day and you will overflow with My loving provision. You are moving up to a much higher place and you will experience the indulgence of My riches. Your surrounding walls are built and protected by My promises, in the extreme strength and richness of rubies.


My flower, don’t be afraid, the past humiliations of poverty are over for you. Keep your thoughts forward at My promises to you. Never look back to what you once had to travel through. No longer will your days be barren to produce fulfillment, but you will produce an abundance. Do not be worried, there will be no disgrace for you. I will show you what is good and you will shine in radiance at the dependable living of upraised levels. Happiness will rise in your heart with great delight and unrivaled joy. You have to believe without a doubt that what I say…I will also do without hesitation. 


Rest securely in My peace as you trust Me to take care of you. There will be a special moment to arise as your eyes meet with your dreams coming true. These days you will experience even more of My blessings and I will generate new places for My provision to freely flow to you.  Leap for joy because now I will begin to refill the space where your faith was in testing. You have believed and hoped for big things. The place where you pushed to believe in the impossible is now being filled up. You will encounter happiness over unanticipated sudden blessings. 




Written by Dannette Lynn