Extra Comforting Good News

A love letter from the Father. 




“Comfort, extra comfort– I am giving to you. Comfort is what you feel when the source of the worry and irritation are stopped. I will cause your hopes to manifest to give you a lift. Soon you will be physically and mentally free from the pain and suffering, as I ease and alleviate your feelings of distress. Your confidence and trust in Me have brought out many blessings for you! Being ‘Blessed’ also means bringing happiness and comfort.




As a moonflower blooming only in the night, suddenly what you believe will come true, as a promise that that appears from out of sight. Instead of looking at the limitations, set your focus on the unseen things that I have said. Though your world may look barren from your view, your roots reach deep into My love. You will not be bothered by the heat or worried by long months of drought. Look up at the stars of My Promises, and try to count them all if you can. There are too many to count! You are blessed to be a blessing and the fulfillment of your promises will manifest to give you a blessing of relief.




Look up, I have good news for you! The reward for your loyal trust is incredibly immense. Shed the weight of those worries. Worry weighs you down, but My Good news lifts you up. Shut off the fearful thoughts and trust. I have taken care of everything, to do abundantly more than you can think or ask. I have provided provisions for the process. Each of your steps is securely guarded in My love. My love for you is inevitable…you cannot avoid it. Stay focused and don’t lose sight of what I promised to do. Be free from fear with refreshing rest as you trust Me to carry out My words to you. For surely I will reward your trust and your hope will not be blocked.




Everything will turn around to reveal colossal blessings. I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me? I set on high those who are lowly, and those who mourn are lifted to safety. Those fears will not become anything, only vapors vanishing in the wind. Keep your hopes high, you are going to rise up above every impossibility. New doors will suddenly open that were closed before. I can do everything! I am for you and never against you. So expect to see My goodness. 




Anything is possible. Only think about the good news to come. Look beyond the limitations and allow My thoughts to boost you up. Things are not as they seem, there is a different view from above. Use your faith to pull the unseen out. Do not fear bad news, but confidently trust Me to care for you. I will do immeasurable things, so much more than you can imagine!



Get ready! Expect to see what you hope for and rise high on expectations. Look and expect for an instant change, as your blessings bloom as miracle moonflowers appearing out of the dust. You will not be put to shame and your hope in Me will not be disappointed. I will set you above every problem. Keep up your eagerness until you see your promises come. The things that you hope for will come true as you soar on hopeful expectation”. 




Written by Dannette Lynn


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