The Beauty of Fulfillment Now

A love letter from Jesus. 



This day is special, something wonderful is happening. Be still and do not mourn over your current limitations. Let your thoughts be confident with faith instead of worry. To worry is to imagine negative things that do not exist. I will take care of you and refill every need. Don’t worry about what is next, I have already provided for every step. There’s no need to be anxious—I go before and behind you.



 Let My joy be your protection from worry and dread. Go back to the vision of promise and let the celebration begin! Feast upon My words and drink from My overflowing river of kindness. I will give you joy and laughter by making your dreams come true. Those who hear what I have done will laugh and celebrate with you!



It’s about time you let go of your cares and had some fun. Laugh more and worry less as you find joy in the anticipation of the guaranteed fulfillment. Having hope brings happiness with the cheerful anticipation for good. Keep your eyes up, looking every day for Me to manifest My words.



My promises are always ‘Yes’, it’s time to take your place of ownership. Expect and believe that something is about to happen, rise up in your thoughts to take your place of honor. Keep a hopeful expectation, anticipating with confidence the fulfillment. You no longer need to feel dry or unquenched by needs and longings unmet. Instead, you will overflow with praise as My blessings crash over you in favorable waves.  




Believe that you will see My goodness every day of your life. Keep your hopes way up and look for My surprise. You will achieve all that you can believe. You can have your blessings today and the beauty of My promises at this moment. According to your faith, it will be done. Faith is the confidence that what you hope for will actually happen. Press your hopes into the reality of attainment, nothing is impossible for you. You can have the beauty of fulfillment now, be expectant for good news”.





Written by Dannette Lynn

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