Birthing Babies

A few days ago I shared with you an exercise that Holy Spirit showed me to do in a post called, “Unnecessary”. Shortly after writing that post, God gave me a new experience of it. I am really excited to share this with you so that you can be encouraged to start birthing your promised babies today. Back in January of this year, the Lord directly told me that He was going to open a little financial door for us that would assist us to move forward into the new chapter of His story for us. During the time when I waited, the Lord would say to me, “It will be there when you need it”. In the meantime, the Lord started to show me how to birth this promised spiritual baby.



Just like natural childbirth, the birth of this baby started with ‘signs’. A woman knows when she is going to have her baby. She may experience her water breaking, and she has contractions that grow stronger and get closer together. Before the baby arrives, the woman’s body goes into a survival mode, with the need to push out the contractions and relieve the pain. A couple of days before this baby came, God kept showing me the sign 911. Somewhere along my journey, I always related the number 911 to meaning wealth. It was just a secret little love language that I made with the Holy Spirit after reading Luke 11:9. In my heart, it was my 911 miracle turnaround of a desperate situation.




So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.




The next sign came through a dream. Before I woke up yesterday, I had a dream where the Lord was teaching me about promises. He told me that we already have His promises. Then when I woke up, the Lord led me to push through the whole day with that repetitive mental exercise of declaring His promise. I did this consistently through the whole day, every 30 minutes even. When I went to the exercise room, the Lord revealed a penny that was right there at my feet and I jumped for joy. Every time that I find a penny, I just KNOW that God is sending us money. Also, He kept highlighting to me the sound of coins falling to indicate that the provision was coming. There was so much happening in the spiritual realm through this birthing.




In the natural, things were looking pretty bad. We were almost out of food and I had no way to pay for our meals for the day. My phone was shut off because I didn’t have the money to pay it and I had creditors attempting to pressure me with hounding persistence. There were times through the day when I had to resist breaking down mentally. I wanted to cry because I was hungry and the pain of having nothing was unbearable at times. When those moments came, I would immediately give God the pain and burden. Then I would continue to remind myself of God’s promise to me and decree that it was done. One sign that God gave me took faith to receive. I saw a truck go by that said “Same Day” in big bold letters. I sensed that the Lord was saying to me that the baby would be born this same day! Right before God opened the promised door a wonderful sign came of a donation that was enough to buy lunch and some groceries.




Just like having a baby, at the point when I could no longer take it, the baby was born! God did what He said and it was so sudden. It was the most surreal feeling and I am still in awe at how smooth God moved. Thanks to the Lord, I was able to pay those needs and take care of our hunger. Plus now we are ready to transition to the next location that God has asked us to go to. God made a way for us when there was no other way. What I learned through this process was that when you are pressing for a supernatural miracle, there is no room for any negative.




I learned that I had to block out any negative thought and keep my faith up high in believing what God said. I also had to separate myself from the voices of people who would say negative things that could discourage my flight of faith. When you are having a miracle baby, there is so much power in positive thoughts. I also found that one of the best ways to really believe what God promises is through thankfulness. Once you start thanking Him, it becomes so real and tangible that there is no way to doubt.




I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours. Mark 11:24





God is always with you and He is speaking everywhere. It really helps to pay attention to the little details. When I need God to speak to me, sometimes I just go outside or go look out the window. I watch the birds gather on the hills to collect food or I will go for a walk to look for treasured signs, like pennies. God will meet you at the level of faith that you are willing to trust. There is no limit to how high you can go. Whatever you want to believe, do it with all of your heart. God will honor your faith. Keep believing, no matter what. Most importantly, never give any space to doubt or a negative thought. God will do it!





Blessings and Love!

Dannette Lynn