Look at the Birds

A love letter from the Father. 




“Come close now and soak up My nourishing and life flowing words. I am making a lasting promise with you to always be your main source. I know and am acquainted with all the birds of the mountains. The animals of the field are all Mine. You are always My concern and continuously on My mind with thoughts of kindness. See My love of Promise beyond every limitation. Hope in My help and wait expectantly for your Creator. I will give you a new song of praise and transcend your biggest hopes to show you, intentional love.




When you feel worried with a burden too heavy to bear and your soul is anxious and disquieted within–look at the birds. They always have a song to sing. They do not store food for winter or fear for provision. They don’t plant gardens to reap a harvest—and yet, they are always at peace because I feed them. And you are even more precious to Me than a beautiful bird. Of course, I will look after you.



Listen to Me well, don’t be anxious about your needs. Roll your cares and concerns over to Me because I care for you affectionately and always watch over all that you need. Think only the best outcome and fill yourself with only the finest thoughts. Stress has a negative effect on your mind and your body. Don’t strain to make what you desire happen, just go with the flow. Relax, from the stressing. if it’s meant to be, it will be. Lean onto your hopes when you are feeling uncertain. As you believe I will quiet your heart with joy and peace as the ever-powerful source of all Hope.



Everything that I have promised you will not come by your hand alone, but your hand in Mine. I will burst open the doors that were blocked and cause places to open up without a fight so that you can move forward. You have My favor and that will never leave you. I will fight for you and place obscure wealth into your hands. You will find hidden treasures on every road, whether you search high or if you travel low. I will reveal them to you and you will honor Me as your One true source.     



 I will make everything work together for you in a most excellent way, so do not worry. My soothing song of peace will come to keep you company. Never underestimate the things that I will do. Your hopes will end in joy and completion. Never doubt My willingness to give you infinitely more than your greatest request. I will outdo them all and I will send you more than you have asked for. I will also grant that which you haven’t asked for to give you peace on all sides and freedom from those troubles”.





Written by Dannette Lynn


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