I Will Carry You

A love letter from the Father. 



“I will carry you in protection and strength. Carried as a newborn, I will keep you safe. I will hide you from the impending dangers and steadily provide for you even while you sleep. I will constantly watch over you to ensure that you always have what you need. No matter what happens, I will take care of you as the treasured one that I love. I have thoroughly explored your heart and I know every detail that you think about. Melt your cares into My arms, as I work everything out.



Before you were born, I had it all planned out–plans to take care of you. I made a plan for you, long before you took your first breath. Every detail of your life was already written in My book. I established the length of your life before you even felt the fresh air on your face. Do not give into anxiety but rest in My faithfulness. I will not abandon you, but I have plans to give you what you hope for. I called you and named you while you were still wrapped in your mother’s womb. My child, I will not forget you.



Look, I have made you a part of Me. Every moment of your life is always in My vision. You are always on My mind and always My concern. I will rescue you from your troubles, because I love you, as a mother loves her child. There is nothing to fear, for I have surrounded you in a fortress of My protection. I have hidden your steps from evil doers and from those who seek to do you harm. You are surrounded all around, behind and before. You are hidden from the threats of danger, as I carry you in My arms.



Be still and rest in My Heartbeat. Trust My plan as you lean yourself upon Me. Everything is right where it should be, don’t be afraid if you don’t understand. I will lead you to wonderful places and give you all of your heart desires! Don’t worry, I know just what I am doing. Stay confident in Me, as I bring your dreams to pass. Hope and expect for My help, as you rest in My safety. Relax from your worries and I will carry you”.





Written by Dannette Lynn


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