Dance on the Puddles

A love letter from Jesus. 



“When problems come down like rain, making puddles all around you. Do not drown in your pain, but I tell you to ‘Live and Flourish’. An increase in problems is the evidence of an increase of My blessings quickly coming.



I will always take care of you and completely supply. I am moving in close with extra loving-kindness to relieve your broken heart. I have wrapped My love over you to cover every need. I have given you My divine promise to always be your Beloved.



Even when you go through hard times, do not be overwhelmed. I will always rescue you from your troubles to turn your tears into gladness. I will make up for every heartache with the relief of double comfort. Be anxious for nothing for you will not lack any good thing.



You have suffered enough from pain and pressure. Pour your heart out to Me and I will take away the discouraging troubles. When you feel desperate and defeated, I will cause you to dance in the rain by My miracle-rescue.



Beauty is blooming inside and out. Rest here in My presence. Take shelter from the rain by resting every problem into My hands. You are safe here now, nothing can touch in you in My protecting fortress. I have covered you under My wings and I guard you in My faithfulness.



Because you cling to My love, I will move swiftly on your behalf. You will praise Me when you see what I do. When problems come like teardrops making puddles, I will send double the blessings–so very fast!



Keep Me as your hope and confidence–set your thoughts on Me. Do not look down at the problems that you see, but let your hopes be extra high. Dance over the puddles, because I will in no way disappoint you or fail to reward your sacrifice of trust. I will fully care for you and I will never cease to provide.”




Written by Dannette Lynn


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