This is a picture that I took from a gorgeous hotel in Florida where the Lord miraculously provided for my children and myself for over 30 days. The only income that I had was a personal promise from the Father to me, that HE would provide for all of our needs through this blog. The pool was clean and inviting. The sun was radiant and the room was breathtaking. The resort was located next to a beautiful bayou with the most exquisite scenery. There was a restaurant with a grand piano that my daughter loved to play and there was even a fitness center for exercising.


Yet even with all of these luxuries, I spent most of my time in unnecessary worry. I was constantly worried about what would happen to us. I was worried all night long about how we would pay for the next day at the resort. I was worried all day long about how I would feed my kids. This was the plan that God made for us. He wanted to give me an experience of seeing His goodness manifest through the most impossible circumstances. Every day was about overcoming generational fears by meeting His intentional love and provision. It was scary at times because I didn’t have anyone that I could go to for help. Literally, the Lord was my only hope.


Day after day, God would show up with money for us to have food and to cover each day that we stayed. God did not fail to keep His promise, even though I wasted my time and energy with worry. He understood that I needed to grow stronger in my faith before I was truly free from worry.


The word unnecessary means ‘not needed’. When I look back at the time when I was blessed to stay at this resort under the Lord’s provision, it makes me sad that I wasted so much time with worry. How much better my memories of this gorgeous place would have been, had I been able to relax and have fun in the sun. We were so blessed by God and yet I was in an emotional crisis nearly every single day.


Things have gotten better and I suffer much less from worry. However the past week we have had such a difficult time. The financial attacks were fierce and our provision was very low. Yesterday I woke up at 5 a.m., just so that I could have extra time to worry about money. At the same time, the Lord has been giving me so many words and confirmations of His provision that will come in abundance. I had two choices. One, I could trust His words to me and rest in what He said. Or two, I could do the unnecessary act of worry. Unfortunately, yesterday I chose to worry instead of trust what God told me. The choice to worry led me through so many negative emotions, to the point that I was eventually angry at God for asking me to walk through this. I worried myself sick all day and went to bed not wanting to see another day.


While I was sleeping, the Holy Spirit showed me a faith exercise He wanted me to do today. This exercise was doing the same movement over and over. The exercise that the Lord showed me to do was to remind myself of His promises to us over and over. There were no other movements, only the repetitive action of speaking His promises to myself, instead of filling my moments with worry and doubt.


God’s promises are never empty. When He says not to worry, He says it because it is unnecessary. To worry is pointless because everything is going to be okay. He is so faithful to His promises to take care of us. If you are battling worry about the situations in your life today, I encourage you to try this exercise of repetitively reminding yourself of what the Lord promised you. Keep doing it over and over, until you see it come shining through.

Love you much!

Dannette Lynn