Your Prayer Has Been Heard

A love letter from Jesus. 



“Your prayer has been heard. Do not worry about anything but be bold with your positive thoughts. You can trust Me to take care of all that matters to your heart. I know everything that is going on and I love to help. Be at peace and trust that I will not stop working on your behalf until you see it happen. Stay in expectation. I’m bursting with Good-news! You’re going to leap with joy and smile with delight. Enter into a deeper rest in My strong support. 



I am rekindling prayer burnout with a blooming manifestation and burst of fresh hope. Hope is the positive expectation of seeing what I have promised. My faithful love lasts forever and my generosity towards you will never run out. Find rest as you trust in Me. Just relax as I take you under My Wing. My Word of Promise is perfect and true. My breath whispered the stars into existence and brought light to the endless darkness. Look to My help and be lightened, you will not be disappointed.



I will do far more than you could ask or dream–infinitely beyond your highest prayers. I’ll bless you—oh, how I’ll bless you! And I’ll make sure that your hopes flourish and shine—like stars in the sky! Celebrate a hopeful outcome before you see it because I will not fail you. Your rest and confidence within will cause a swift change to happen around you. Keep your heart still with peace until you see your answered prayers. Everything will turn out well for you, even better than you hope”.




Written by Dannette Lynn


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