Let Me Take Over

A love letter from Jesus. 



“Remember who created you and who shaped you in the womb. I won’t leave you alone. So don’t be afraid, I am here when you need Me. I will fight for you, while you relax and trust. See you have nothing to fear! Watch Me do the impossible as you let the bullets fly by. When troubles look rough ahead, you can count on Me to make it right. All you need to do is rest and you will see My promises manifest.



Cast your worries into My care and let Me take over. I will take the bad news and turn it into good. Let go of your troubles and let Me handle it as you trust in My goodness. My comfort is here to soothe your fears. I am your Good Shepherd to give you everything that you need. I will take care of you and care for you always. Give your burdens to Me and be carefree. I have given you relief for your needs and troubles.



Have peace and trust that good will come. I will make everything turn out right and provide you with an abundant supply. Beloved, rest from the worries. I have made provision for you. As your Husband and Best Friend, all that I have is yours. There is nothing that I would not do for you and there is nothing that I would withhold. Love knows no limits. It prevails no matter the circumstances and is fully devoted to always seek for your best. Nothing can separate you from My love.



The bad news is good news! Be thankful and celebrate because good things are now coming. Because of what you lack, you are going to drink from My abundance! Say to your problems, “Behold my God!’. I will take control without question or delay. My Sovereign hand will do the impossible to make a path through the sea and a smooth road over the raging waves. In the place where you were attacked, you will see the greatest blessing come forth. My Goodness and Love will be with you all of your life. I have prepared a feast for you in the midst of the attacks. Have gladness even if you don’t see the good news yet because it is quickly coming.”




Written by Dannette Garza

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