The End of Disappointment

A love letter from the Father



Cherished one with a trembling heart, failing eyes from crushed hopes, and fainting mind from doubt. It is hard to rest and abide in My Words when you are clouded with the distrust that I would not do what I said. You looked for the promise, as one thirsting in a desert hoping to find water and coming back bitterly disappointed. You were confounded because what you had hoped for seemed to be an empty and dried up brook.




In the downcast gaze of sadness and displeasure caused by the non-fulfillment of your hopes and expectations. I am asking you to forget the unhappiness of failed hopes and trust Me to do what I promised to do. Then you will be fresh and open to experience for yourself My intentional love far surpasses mere knowledge. Do not be afraid — you will not be disappointed again; you will not be humiliated for not receiving what I said. You will forget the pain that came and went from the repetition of storm-battered hopes and disappointments. 





To you, I will materialize the actuality of My promised words. With your open-trusting heart, I am filling you with the fullness of experiencing the promises of fulfillment. Trust and be confident in Me as your Hope placement. You will not be put to shame or disappointed again. Disappointment must come to an end. I will thoroughly do everything that I have promised. This is My vow and guarantee for you! Wait hopefully for My words to manifest. Keep My words secure in your thoughts. Even if it feels slow to arrive, wait for it. I will do exactly as I spoke and it will come without delay or distraction.




Moreover, be full of joy now! Rise up over your troubles with thanksgiving and jubilee. You already have what you seek! In your stance of faith, you will grow even more joyful and confident to trust in who I Am. Keep Me as your source of Hope. Lean the weight of every problem onto Me as your Confidence. I will never disappoint or delude you. You can completely trust in My love to come through for you!





When you believe and adhere to My promises with absolute trust, you will not be put to shame or disappointed in your expectations. Be unmoved in your soul. Trust and be confident that I will answer your prayers and you will receive what you will believe. Release the pain that your holding from the past to make room for what is ahead. Wipe the slate clean from the former disappointments. Determine that I am faithful to perform all that I have said. Ready your heart and open up BIG. I am radically fulfilling your hopes and ever-exceeding your expectations.





Wait for Me in expectation and be strong. Believe for big and don’t be afraid to trust again. Your path to fulfillment begins at the end of your disappointment. With your own eyes, you will see each and every promise manifest and you will be heaped up with encounters of My goodness. I am going to do superabundantly and far above all that you dare to ask and infinitely beyond your highest hopes and imagination –






 Written by Dannette Lynn

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