I Will Rescue You

A love letter from Jesus. 



“I will rescue you and that is a Promise. I will fight on your behalf while you watch in silence. Never look down at a doubtful thought. The enemy’s only hope is to get you to doubt in an attempt to stop you from receiving what was already given. My promise is yours to have and to hold. Bring your soul into the harmony of My perfect peace, as My words settle and rule over your mind and heart. Be thankful with cheerful praise, because what you hope for will surely come.



I am honest and sincere and will not do anything to harm you. Trust and believe that I will move for you, expect Me to do it. Hope and expect that what I spoke to you is true. Do not doubt My power to move or the actuality of My good intentions for you. Have confidence in Me. Hope and expect for unexpected blessings to come. Beautiful things will happen when you separate yourself from negative thoughts.




Let go of the insecurities of thinking that you are unloved. Release the feelings of anxieties and apprehension. My Love for you is firm and dependable. Have no worries! You are safe and protected. There is nothing happening in your life that I am not aware of. I already have a solution to every problem and rescue for every need. I will exceedingly increase your blessings because of this trial. Be ready dear one as My blessings pour out over every problem to abundantly cover every immediate need and upcoming worry. You can count on My rescue! ”.



Written by Dannette Lynn