Everything Will Fall Perfectly in Place

A love letter from Jesus. 



Everything will fall perfectly in place. Trust in Me alone. The problems that you see will reveal the beauty of My work, like the lotus flower showing gentle kindness amidst the murky water. Keep serene and calm thoughts as you rest in hope and confident expectation. Don’t worry about your present troubles. You are unshakable in My Love. My provision will flood to you in every direction, as Love that pours into every crack.



I have not abandoned you and I will not leave you without. When the enemy comes against you with attacks, I will lift you up even higher with a greater blessing. I am blessing you twice as much to engulf you with My love and provision. You will receive much more, in heights above all that you can hope or imagine.  



Be extremely expectant as you press into hope. The thorns are coming up roses and worries into daffodils. Things are going to be good, double good, What you hope for will arrive. Right in order and perfectly on time. Have no worries and be afraid for nothing. Let go of your struggle and relax into My unlimited power. Don’t try to control what is wrong, I already have it all worked out. I am able to do anything.  



I have surprises for you! Be expecting to see my goodness arrive as stunning bluebonnets in early bloom. Suddenly your hopes will spring up as lilies that flourished beyond the dirt. My promises will never depart from you, I will take care of you now and forever. Everything will fall perfectly in place. One after another your prayers will be answered.



Written by: Dannette Lynn