Curse One


Over the past several years I have been writing a book with Holy Spirit about the hidden treasure of revelation that He has shown me regarding curses that were in my life. There were 2 curses that I have had to stand in faith against and this is about one of them. I am hoping in the next “Faith Walk” post to reveal the second one (which will probably be very surprising). Before I was even a Christian, there were two curses of witchcraft sent against me. Although the blood of Jesus abolished the curses, I needed to receive the Lord’s blessing of inheritance to enforce the end of the effects of those curses through faith. As you all know, faith must be tested to be effective. Through even the most impossible circumstances, a love blessing is such a powerful thing! 



Several of you know about the way that God has called me to live supernaturally financially. Believe it or not, there is actually a much deeper reason that He has called me to do this and why it has been in this way. God makes the impossible possible.Through my testimony, the Father has given me a banquet in the presence of my spiritual enemies. One of the curses that I had to contend against was the curse of poverty. Delightfully, the Father gave me a promise that was my key against this curse. He showed me that He would be my constant support against the warfare with that curse. He has given me completely new and uncovered ground and I am very excited about when this book is set to be revealed. It will be truly life-changing. 




Before I took the steps of faith to trust and believe Jesus to be my daily Savior, He gave me a promise to fill my bank account with His “Love Money” through the work that He gives me through this very blog. That is why I love to use red hearts next to the page for donations because it is so precious between Jesus and myself. He showed me that His love is Never-Failing and All-Powerful over every spiritual darkness. He also showed me that one of the many facets of His love is to provide and protect. Like a Diamond, there are so many facets of His intentional love.




This is why I have been unashamed in sharing giving opportunities on my website labeled as “Love Gifts”. Because it is a personal promise between me and Jesus. Even if any person holds a judgment or offense against the work and living testimony that the Lord has called me to become, it all comes down to the love dance between Jesus and myself. He leads and I follow each step. Apart from Jesus, I can do nothing. This is the story that He has written for me. Sometimes I stumble or miss steps, but my heart is to follow Him always and lean into knowing His love.




I pray that you will celebrate with me when this book is birthed. I am not sure how much longer it will take, but so far it has been in the “oven” for 4 years. I can tell you that it contains life-changing revelation that is sure to set blaze to all who read the pages. I only know this because it is my personal experience of encountering the Love of Jesus in the most darkest places of despair and suffering.




Thank you to those who have loved me through this journey without condemnation or judgment. It takes so much courage for me to share the personal stories of my life. I am not naturally open and this is completely out of my comfort zone. But I believe this is exactly where God wants us. He has been miraculously providing for us against the contending warfare of curses in ways that completely shame the religious spirit. I love Jesus and that He would do this for us. He has taken a girl who was shivering with fear and worry and showed me how strong His intentional and provisional love is. I hope to bless you soon with the blog post about “curse two” and the shocking information it holds. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you!



With love,


Dannette Lynn


Love Gift