Multiplied Beauty

A love letter from Jesus. 



“Why do you cry out over this wound, this pain that won’t go away? I will make you smile again and heal the pain that aches. Because you were deeply afflicted and pushed away, I have drawn you close again for multiplied blessings. Like Diamond strength the pain has made you strong and enduring, bringing out your clearest radiance.



I know your pain and I will make things good again. You will have a fresh start as if nothing had ever happened. Even though you suffered twice as much and lived in double disgrace; so double will be your share of honor and blessings. Your shame and disgrace are ended, even the embarrassment that was brought on by yourself. Don’t be embarrassed, you will forget the shame that you felt.




Relax, everything’s going to be alright. Rest, everything’s coming together for the very best. My loving help is on the way! You will get back what was taken, a payback of double will be returned. I hate stealing and all manner of wrongdoing. In faithfulness I will enforce justice for you, I promise that you will be rewarded for your work. The hopes of your enemy will come to nothing. Although he craftily weaves spiders webs and lays venomous eggs. With only one raindrop of My Everlasting Love, the web will collapse and all of his schemes and plans will become nothing.



What he has stolen will be repaid, a thief must make full restitution for what he takes and he will be thoroughly discredited of every lie that was given. The thief will pay double and I will doubly bless you! I will show up like a flooding river that has been whipped to a torrent by the rushing wind. I will make sure that you laugh again and you will be healed from the sorrow. I promise to support you and your children so that everyone around will see that you are blessed by the Eternal One.



Do not fear, I have Redeemed you. I am with you, so don’t let your troubles overwhelm you. I have called you by name, you are Mine. Curses cannot hurt you unless you deserve them. They are like birds that fly and never settle. I paid a huge price for you, as your Redeemer from every curse. that’s how much I love you! This is a promise of My enduring presence and support. I have good plans for you! Plans for good and not evil to give you the future that you hope for. 



O lovely soul, sing with a grateful heart. I will satisfy your every desire with good things and restore your youth with brimming beauty. I will prosper you in this land of sorrow with multiplied honor and beauty. So don’t be afraid of what can happen, I am protecting you. I am here with My right hand to uphold you.



For as the rain and snow cannot return once they have fallen, so is every Promise that I have given to you. My words will not return to Me without fulfilling everything that I have declared to you. I can be trusted absolutely and forever. I have ordered for you a shimmering decadence of gladness to replace this moment of sorrow. Your wealth will be doubled and your joy forever. Now you shall have a crown of multiplied beauty in place of the tears and heartache”. 




Written by: Dannette Lynn

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