Breath of Increase

A love letter from Jesus. 



An increase is coming, so enlarge your breathing and settle completely into rest. You will increase and expand in every direction as I super-abundantly fill your longings and needs. Don’t be worried, dear heart. My vows to take care of you are forever. Sometimes the best way to fight is to do nothing at all. Preserve your energy and breathe as I draw you close. Inhale My peace and exhale your worries to receive your increase of abundance. Have no fears, I will always take care of you!



There is more coming! Tell Me all of your concerns and let My peace rule over every need. Soon you will sense My wholeness of trust to know that every problem is coming together for better than you can imagine. A natural breath while relaxed is slow and deep, but when stressed with anxiety, breathing is short and shallow. Relax from your troubles as you breathe deeply to increase in what you are needing. Just be calm, I already know every problem that has caused you distress. Let go of your concerns! Then you will know that I am Lord.



You will expand with more than before! Have Peace! Do not let your heart be troubled or fearful. You are never forgotten. Surely My faithful protection and loving provision will always pursue you. My provisional Love is always effective and never failing. Everything that you could ever need is already provided for. My magnificent promises to you will never end or expire. No matter which way you turn, My promises are here and ready for you! 



Have faith in My Words. Trusting Me creates a new atmosphere for an increase. When you take a deep breath your diaphragm increases space and your lungs expand. Trust who I am for you as you breathe deep into an increase of all that you need and hope to have. I will always provide for you! You do not have to fear because you will not be humiliated or given to fear. Do not worry, I will honor your requests. My Heart of steadfast and ever-faithful love will never be separated from you. Exhale the tensions from your shoulders. Let go of the thoughts that worry you. It is time for your expansion! Have peace, as you breathe in the increase that is manifesting now.




Written by: Dannette Lynn