Home Sweet Home

A love letter from Jesus. 


“Trust that everything is going to be okay and your joy will be complete. Come home to the comfort of knowing that I will care for all of your needs. Home is a place of trusting in My Heart, with no more worry or fret. Settle your soul into My Hands and relax into trust. Sit down and rest as you let go of the tensions and be free from the worries.



Our home is surrounded by beauty, I have gifted you with an abundance. Everything that you need is here, just believe in My words and you will have it. I want you to know the delight that I experience, in finding ultimate satisfaction. Which is why I am telling you all of this. Stay rested in My promises without doubting, as your compass needle becomes still.



It’s safe here and protected. Not one moment are you ever forgotten for even the hairs on your head are all numbered. I am before all things and in Me, all things hold together. So do not worry, I care deeply about even the smallest detail of your life. I am always watching, as the One who sees you. I know all of your needs and what you long to have. So sing because you are free from worry. Be happy. Be free. How blessed it is to live securely in My watchful care”.



Written by: Dannette Lynn



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