Rest in Healing

A love letter from Jesus. 




“The winds of change are blowing, with unusual and significant winds. Concentrate on your Promises as you fix on Me your thoughts and attention. Don’t be distracted by the echoes of darkness. The snakes of sickness are not real, but the shadow of illusion. What is real is unseen. I sent My word and healed you, I delivered you from the grave. I have given you pearls of promise from My heart depths. The symptoms that you feel are only a training ground to enlarge and fill your faith. More than any doctor, I have healed your diseases. I have reached down into the depths to deliver you from death. First, believe as your faith is tested and then you will see it.





I will be your refuge.





I have crowned you with unfailing love and compassion. When it feels like your soul is withering, I will satisfy you with goodness to restore your youth with beauty. I am the One who lasts, the Everlasting and I won’t let you slip from My grasp. I am the creator of all you can see or even imagine, fulfilling your wildest dreams and hopes.




I will fight your fight.





 Don’t be worried, dear friend. I won’t bring you to where I am not. Sit down and rest in My Presence and I will cover you with My Shadow. Trust in Me, I will keep you safe! Do not fear the disease or curses of terminal illness. No harm will even graze you. You will stand untouched, as you watch from a distance as I manifest your promises. Trust Me to be your Help and your energy will be renewed. You will rise with radiance out of the ashes on wings of power and strength.







Are you ready for a miracle?






Let the one that the Lord loves rest securely between My shoulders. I have given you My promise and My oath. I will be right there protecting you under My great Wings. Lean into Me as your Husband and a place of rest. My faithfulness has you surrounded. I will take your place when darkness falls. A miracle is happening now. Nothing can come between us or separate you from My love that provides and protects. You haven’t even begun to see the good things I have planned.





I have covered you.





So do not be afraid, My darling; do not be troubled, O cherished one. I promise to set you free from what has been afflicting you. Because I am with you and I will rescue you. I will make your promised healing manifest and make you well again. In times of suffering, you will be delivered. I will restore your life, to full, spilling over with fortunes of My abundance! You are safe in My care. Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in Me, as I materialize the rainbows of My tender love”.






Written by: Dannette Lynn

Diamonds from the Dust, LLC. © 2018. All rights reserved.