It’s Better to Jump

I was in Florida living at my mother’s house when I began sensing the Holy Spirit leading me to leave everything behind and follow Him on an unforgettable journey. It was hard at first to even come to the decision to take the faith jump because I was very comfortable. My children and I had a very safe and cozy place to stay. Life at that time seemed very happy and safe. However, the confirmations and gentle tugging of the Spirit kept coming. The Lord started to say to me that in order to see the manifestation of my promises, that I needed to live out my faith. Stepping into a supernatural faith promise was not something that I could do from my comfort zone.

He led me to look at birds in a nest and how if a baby bird is resistant to take flight, that the parent bird may actually push the bird out of the nest to help him. In my situation, God was asking me to go to a hotel with my children with no income and trust His promises of provision. The Lord showed me that He would support my little family through the ministry writings of this blog. When I spoke with a friend about what the Lord was asking me to do, she said: “It is better to jump, because being pushed can hurt”. I knew this was true because the first time that I had to take the jump of trusting faith, I delayed and things got very difficult where I was staying.

The tension grew where I was and there was sorrowful conflict. I was given a deadline of when we had to leave the house by mother and that in itself brought about all kinds of inner hurt of feeling rejected. Yet the Lord showed me that it was His plan to have her send us away. In the pain of that last moment, I was being pushed out of the nest of my comfort. Why? Because God wanted to give me everything that I had been crying out for in prayer. It was a blessing in disguise. But it hurt to be pushed and all of that pain could have been avoided, had I answered the Lord’s call to me without hesitation.

For a little bit we ended up back where we started and then the Lord asked me to take the jump again. This time was even harder for me because I had suffered some accusations against what I was doing as a mother. I really had to just set my eyes on Jesus and trust that He was not going to let me down. This time, I jumped and it went much better! There was a risk to leave my place of comfort. After I took that jump there were immediate rewards. I got a ride for me and my children to the hotel the Holy Spirit led me to. When I went up to the front desk, I was ready to hand every last dime that I had for only 5 nights to stay there. After those 5 nights, I had no idea what would become of us. I was risking my life, my children’s lives, my reputation….everything! However, I had a promise from God that He would provide for us through donations and that we would not end up homeless.

When I approached the front desk, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was being given those first 5 nights for free. There was an error in the computer system where my reservation was missing and I was given enough reward points to cover our first-week stay. I am pretty sure that I was flying on happiness at that moment and my smile was certainly contagious to everyone who saw me. It was a smile to complete relief and overwhelming gratitude!

The rewards of faith did not stop there either. For the next 30 days, money always came at just the right time to cover our hotel stay and our meals. It was an absolutely beautiful room too. We were given a room that had an upgraded pool and bayou balcony at no extra charge. During the times when the hotel was completely booked due to conventions in the area, the Lord always kept and protected our highly sought after room from being taken from us. My children learned to trust God more and they were dazzled by what God was doing for us. God shut the mouth of every accuser and gave me the most beautiful vengeance and victory.

I am sharing this story with you in hopes of saving you from any added hurt or pain. Also anytime you move by faith, God knows and He will reward your trust in Him. I hope that this testimony stirs up your faith and inspires you to trust Jesus with your life and the lives of those He has given to you. Those who trust and take refuge in the Lord will not be put to shame. If God is asking you to take a leap of faith, it is better to jump!


Dannette Lynn

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